A Time for Reflection

Thusong Day Care Centre was founded by former teacher Maria Mopeli in the Mokwallo township outside Vredefort, FS.


From a tin shack in a dusty field, her aim was to provide a place where children could get assistance with homework.  Since then, her modest enterprise has grown, and now 180 children between the ages of six and 19 participate in extramural activities. Catering for orphaned and vulnerable children, the centre is run by seven women who help prepare daily meals, give classes and assist children with their schoolwork.

With the support of corporate and other sponsors, the new Thusong Day Care Centre is now of solid brick and tile construction and comprises three buildings and adjoining sports facilities.

Staycold supports Thusong on a monthly basis and we wish Maria and all the wonderful volunteers the very best in their drive of giving hope and guidance towards a better life for the children of Mokwallo township.

We believe the centre to be a great example of how, without much, you can improve the life of others, and for us, supporting Thusong Day Care Centre is truely a privilege.