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Staycold has earned a reputation for engineering excellence and durable build quality. We achieve this by using the best brand name components such as Cubigel compressors, EBM fan motors and Danfoss digital controllers. Adding to this, we don’t skimp on our product specifications either. Here is a review of the standard and optional features of the product range.

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Copper & Aluminium Heat Exchangers

The use of the best copper and aluminium heat exchangers in the condenser and evaporator ensure the performance and efficiency of the unit.

Anti Corrosion Material

Staycold cabinets are built using extensive anti corrosion measures throughout.

Adjustable Shelving

Easily fitted, strong and height adjustable shelves are standard on all cabinets. Double door models have independent adjustment on both sides.

Excellent Self Closing Doors

Be it the simple gravity system on our sliding doors or the durable torsion bar system on our hinge door models, reliability is assured.

Adjustable Feet

Levelling of the cabinet in position is easy by way of the adjustable feet on all 4 corners.

High Quality Components

Staycold units are manufactured using the best quality components that have been tried and tested in the marketplace and renown for their reliability and durability.

Digital Control Module

Allows for simple control of the temperature of the cabinet as well as displaying the product temperature. Also can control the energy usage of the cabinet and protects the unit against poor power supply.

Only Front Ventilation Required

Intelligent design of the condensing unit allows for the unit to be placed flush against a wall with no side or back ventilation required.

Low-E Glass

Reduces heat loss by 27% compared to ordinary double paned glass. Increases the efficiency of the cabinet as well as eliminating sweating.

Easy Maintenance Access

Simple removal of the front ventilation grill allows for easy access to all the main components without having to move the cabinet from its location.

Double Pane Safety Glass

Both the internal and external panes of glass on a Staycold are double tempered in line with international standards and ensuring that safety is not compromised in the event of a breakage.

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