About Us

Staycold is a manufacturer of commercial refrigeration with a global presence, dedicated to supporting the needs of leading food and beverage brands. We are specialists in self contained display coolers and freezers. Part of the Universal Industries group, we share a combined turnover of +$160m and we are one of the leading industrial groups within our sector in Africa.

Staycold is a leading South African manufacturer of self-contained commercial fridges and freezers primarily for the beverage and hospitality industries. From its factory in Parys, the coolers are shipped world-wide, meeting the stringent business and quality requirements of many countries.

Recognised as an innovator, we have a team approach to working with our customers so as to ensure that we achieve their goals. Our brand values encompass technical excellence, class leading refrigeration performance and leadership in relation to energy saving design.

The business began in 1979 in Parys, South Africa, where our home base factory is still located. We began manufacturing freezers for the farming community that could hold product cold with only one hour of generator power. Back then there was little to no mains electricity supply to many small holdings and the company’s products gained a reputation for “staying cold” for the other 23 hours and hence the STAYCOLD name was born.

Once mains power became more prevalent, diversification of our range was required and we chose to enter the commercial refrigeration space, specifically beverage coolers.

Since then the pioneering principles of quality, efficiency, performance, reliability, and durability have remained at our core. We have been running successfully for over forty years.