Staycold’s New Market Challenger Underbar Fridge Tested by Chefs

Staycold International have been assimilating feedback received from various chefs on their new Underbar fridge they launched in March 2020 at Hostex in Johannesburg. The various chefs who tried and tested this new market challenger during their food preparations and demonstrations, were willing to give their thoughts. On the whole they were positive with their experience, ensuring that the Staycold team continue with taking this to market.

Their factory based in Parys, Free State took this positivity and ramped up manufacturing of these units. These are produced in two different variations namely the solid door and glass door models, with a pizza top option for both. They were able to produce and stock the units, so despite the lockdown that started a few weeks later, Staycold has stock on hand. They can begin dispatching these units when needed in level 3 of lockdown.


Chef Sergio Martins who was at Hostex, had the following to stay on the Underbar: “The 304 stainless steel top is durable and having three solid doors as opposed to two and a half, is a bonus regarding space and accessibility of all food produce. The temperature was well maintained and regulated throughout the three days at Hostex and there was no moisture or condensation found on the food produce.
The Underbar Fridge in my opinion is amazing and has many benefits. Overall, I would recommend this to any establishment in the industry.”

Other chefs there commented that the LED internal lighting was great, the counter top was nice and sturdy, holding its form and the temperate regulation inside the unit works well, with a nice cool air distribution. There was also some constructive feedback that the Staycold’s R&D team worked on subsequently, for example that the door self-closing mechanism can now be adjusted if required.

Lena le Roux, Staycold’s MD attended Hostex and interviewed the various chefs to hear their feedback. “Over the 40 years we have been in production in South Africa, we strive to continuously make our commercial coolers and freezers fit for market. So we were happy to hear all these chef’s comments. We are very proud to add this product to our range and even prouder that it is a locally manufactured unit complying to all the necessary standards.”

Staycold is also a member of RASA (Restaurant Association of South Africa) and are working with them to
find ways to help their members through lockdown, with their food safety requirements.

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