Staycold Launches New Hinge Door Freezer

Staycold Launches New Hinge Door Freezer

Staycold International are officially launching a half door freezer into their range, the HD580F. This was developed by Staycold because of a need from the market for a low footprint display freezer for check-out isles in supermarkets. This impulse buy freezer is manufactured in Staycold’s ISO9001:2015 approved factory in Parys with full safety approval and is now ready for dispatch in South Africa and abroad.

The HD580F by Staycold was initially showcased at HOSTEX early this year to test the market. Currently there is no other company in South Africa that provides a half door freezer solution, so Staycold used the event to gauge feedback from the market. The response to this unit was positive from both corporate end users as well as ice cream manufactures, so Staycold began the commercialisation of the unit.

One of South Africa’s leading ice cream manufacturers approached Staycold to develop this unit. Their Trade Asset manager commented that they had a request for a particular freezer from one of the big retailers in South Africa. This freezer drives sales in the hotspot of the store and fits in with the look and feel so it was very important for them to develop this locally and an environmentally friendly product.

Having liaised extensively, the R&D team at Staycold set about redesigning their single door HD580 fridge, already available in the market, to operate as a half door freezer. They had to be mindful of developing a space saving, low footprint freezer that could maintain the required temperature for storage of ice cream. The units also had to be aesthetically pleasing at they are mostly placed at check-out areas as ice creams are impulse purchases, especially during the warmer summer months in Africa.

The ice cream manufacturer was satisfied that the product delivered on all the intended benefits, is complimentary to the look and feel of the store, delivered the required temperature of -18°C to -25°C and is complimentary to the intended sales drive.

Besides the lower footprint than other conventional ice cream freezers, this freezer also operates frost free, maintains temperature below -20°C, has LED lighting,  a heated glass door, uses eco-friendly refrigerant and has an optional left-hand hinge door operation.

Lena le Roux, Managing Director at Staycold for twenty six years, has the following to say: “We were pleasantly surprised at how this freezer drew the attention of the delegates at our stand at Hostex. It seems to meet the demands of retailers as a small footprint item that they can place at their check out points. We are pleased to now offer the HD580 model in both fridge and freezer forms to the market.”

Staycold has been manufacturing self-contained commercial fridges and freezers in South Africa for 40 years. They pride themselves in making energy efficient, durable and reliable fridges and freezers and providing more cost-effective units over their lifetime.

For more information on Staycold’s new HD580F half door freezer as well as their complete hinge door range, contact them on 056 819 8097, 087 505 0951 or visit their website on or LinkedIn page on