Race To Net Zero – What is it?

You are more than likely aware of the growing global concern regarding Climate Change / Global Warming and the impact that it is having on our planet and its diverse ecosystems. Over billions of years the earth’s temperature changed through periods of hot and cold cycles and it has been able to naturally, and brilliantly, regulate these cycles. However, since the industrial revolution in the 19th century, scientists have been able to show that its current path of warming has been un-naturally accelerated due to the chemicals and pollutants that us humans have put into the atmosphere as we developed.

As the dangers of human activities and their impact on our planet became recognised, governments met to implement interventions that try to limit or stop this damage. One such example being the signing of the Montreal Protocol at the UN in 1987 which undertook to eliminate the use of ozone depleting substances (one example being CFC’s that were used in aerosols and refrigeration at the time). This action and the success of the Montreal Protocol has been hailed as an example of exceptional international cooperation, with the UN secretary general and Africa’s own Kofi Annan describing it as “perhaps the single most successful international agreement to date.”

The Race to Net Zero began after a meeting of the UN in Paris in 2015 which set to tackle the broader subject of Climate Change with a long-term goal of reducing global warming back to a rate within touch of pre-industrial levels. One of the largest contributors to global warming is the emission of greenhouse gasses of which Carbon Dioxide and Methane make up 90% . These gasses act like a blanket around the planet, raising its temperature artificially. Through technological interventions, developments and the use of more sustainable energy sources, The Race to Net Zero believes we get to a point where our nett contribution of these gasses into the atmosphere is zero, giving our planet the chance to heal in its own unique and wonderful way.

Fortunately, mother nature is already here to help and things like plants and trees are already capturing the carbon and processing it for us, but they are being overloaded as well as being destroyed at an alarming rate. The Race to Net Zero is not a race that one individual or country can win but is something that will take a collective effort by humanity as a whole and the prize will not be awarded in a box with ribbons. Rather the comfort that we will be able to continue living and justify the title of being humane.

Staycold International is committed to doing its part in the Race to Net Zero by making use of the latest technologies and innovations. This to ensure that our units are built and manufactured using materials that don’t contribute to global warming such as low Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerants and insulation materials. We are also increasing the energy efficiency of our units by using materials and components such as Low-E glass, Digital Energy Management devices and High Efficiency fans. They are also built to last resulting in a durable reliable product that bucks against the consumerism culture that exists in our world today. One such example of this, our HD1140-HC, was recently included in the Environmental Investigation Agency’s (EIA) Pathway for Net-Zero Cooling Products. For more information on the Pathway to Net Zero visit the EIA’s website to see how you can join the Race to Net Zero too.