Bertus Basson commends Staycold’s Underbar

Our Chef Ingrid recently caught up with Bertus Basson, celebrated South African Chef, restaurateur, TV personality and supporter of all things fresh and local, who had this to say about our Underbars:

“This is a proudly South African produced professional fridge. Impeccable quality, impeccable service. Stay Local, Staycold.” 

 You can spot our underbar in the “Speelkamer” neighbouring Eike restaurant in Stellenbosch, where Bertus and his team create, innovate, and essentially play with new food ideas and inspiration.

You can also join chef Bertus Basson as he adventures through the Cape for the second season of ‘In die Sop: Restaurant Evolusie’. Bertus and his talented team of experts are put to the ultimate test once again as they battle against the clock to transform 12 different restaurants, each in a mere 72 hours!

Watch out for our underbar starring in one of the upcoming episodes! And we could not agree more with his wise words, for clients to take the Total Cost of Ownership into account, not just the purchase price.

Staycold are proud to be commended by chef Bertus. Chef advocates believing in what you do, as well as having faith and confidence in your produce. His commitment to great food made with fresh, local ingredients, and an acute attention to detail is the key to the culinary success for which he is highly regarded.

This compliments our brand essence Trust the experience. From our factory in Parys, we manufacture our self-contained commercial fridges and freezers primarily for the beverage and hospitality industries.

 Our pioneering principles of quality, efficiency, performance, reliability, and durability have remained at our core for over 40 years