Warranty Claim Form

Please refer to the Staycold warranty policy for details of limitations and obligations

Before submitting a warranty claim the following must first be checked:

  • Power supply is switched on & fully functional
  • Power cable is free of all moving parts
  • Electricity supply is adequate to run the unit
  • The condenser is clear & clean of all blockages & dust
  • No items have been placed around the unit restricting airflow
  • The unit is not installed too close to a wall restricting airflow
  • The unit is not overstocked & properly packed for adequate airflow movement
  • Installation instructions have been followed as per instruction manual provided with the unit

Please supply the information below to log your call:

    Please check the boxes below to indicate that you accept and understand each item
    I have read the above information prior to proceeding with the warranty claim.
    I confirm that I have read & understood the Staycold Warranty Policy & accept the terms & conditions as stipulated.
    Warranty covers faulty parts, labour & travel associated with the repair / replacement of spares.
    Anything that falls outside the terms set forth in the Staycold Warranty Policy is considered non-warranty & will be chargeable; including travel & transport in cases when the store being closed, the store being too busy for work to be done on unit.

    After clicking submit below you will receive an email from us confirming that the form was successfully submitted. Following that, a member of our service team will contact you within normal working hours to supply you with your reference number along with any other information relating to your request.

    image of rating label of a Staycold cooler

    This is an image of the rating label of one of our units – They are situated on the inner left wall of all units, towards the top of the unit. Here you will find the model number as well as the serial number of the unit.

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